What Monday Really Needs

Dear Monday, I really need another day to prepare for you.  Could you come back tomorrow and let's try this again? Mmkay?  Thanks! xo, TL Wouldn't it be awesome if I could really do that?  Just add in 24 hours between Sunday and Monday?  Because, seriously, I really need a day to recover from the chaos of Sunday before the totally different but just as chaotic day we call Monday. Don't you?  I'm sitting here in my office/study right now.  I've had my quiet time this morning ... ... [Read More]

Sabbath Thoughts

Yesterday we had friends from Georgia over for lunch after church. We ate a simple meal of chicken and dumplins with cornbread and sat around the table laughing and reminiscing about the first time we'd met and trips we'd taken together. We marveled at how big our girls are now and wondered where the time went. After the bowls and plates were piled in the sink, we moved to the living room to continue our conversation over coffee and pie. Our friends left and we slowly roused ourselves to get ... [Read More]

Make Time to Play {a God-Size Dreams post}

This week is one of those crazy-busy, tear-out-your-hair, meet-yourself-coming-and-going kind of weeks.  My husband is leading worship for a revival.  My daughter's spring musical is Thursday and Friday.  I have a speaking engagement Thursday night and (in)RL is this weekend. My house is a wreck.  The vacuum died on Monday so it's still standing where it stopped, cord snaking through two different rooms.  Apparently people are sneaking in and taking showers while we are all away from home ... [Read More]

Creating Time? 10 Simple Ideas

Is your to do list overwhelming? Have you ever wished for just one more hour in the day?  Or one more day in the week? Do you wish you could create more time? Yeah, me too.  In fact, if we're honest, I'd imagine we all do.  We cannot make our days last 25 hours, but we can find simple ways to use the time we have better.  I'm no organizational expert.  If you were to come visit my house right now, you'd see my dining room table piled high with all the "stuff" that didn't fit when we put ... [Read More]

Are You Too Busy?

As I have been writing and preparing to speak this weekend, I've been re-reading several of my favorite books on rest and priorities.  I think my all-time favorite book on the topic of rest and Sabbath is The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath by Mark Buchanan.  I've underlined and highlighted and dog-eared a large portion of the book. One of my favorite chapters is the one on busyness.  Well, maybe favorite isn't the best word.  It's a great chapter but it hurts me to ... [Read More]